Mewsli's Marketing Tips

Mewsli the Marketing Cat

A series of marketing tips to help you grow your business from Mewsli and his friends at the Be Your Own Graphic Designer website where you’ll find professional help, training and advice helping you to take control of your on and off line branding.
A light-hearted, though serious, look at small implementable actions you can take to improve your sales and attract more customers to your business. You don’t have to do them all but do remember:

Always Be Marketing

Mewsli killed Twitter
Mewsli Do something you've never done
Mewsli Do what you love
The decisions you take now make the difference
Know who your customers are
Skype is saving me so much time!
The customer is not always right
Your mission and values shape your brand
Celebrate the good stuff
Do something you've never done
Have you discovered the power of #Hashtags
 Make your targets SMART
Use your blog to express yourself
Give your brand a VOICE
Focus on the benefits
Good marketing starts with a plan
Think outside the box
Mewsli's Hirearchy of Leads
So I thought it can't be difficult
Branding is how you make your customers feel
Deadlines work!
What's the gold at the end of your rainbow
Got a great idea - go for it
Discover your customers' needs and offer a solution
If you got a business you've got a brand
Don't be afraid to seek advice
Go the extra mile
Share interesting things with your audience
You are your own USP
Get to the point
Allow yourself some down time
Encourage followers to share your posts
Don't become too creative
Identify your ideal customer
Offer an alternative
Hint at urgency
Target your content

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