Finding, attracting and retaining new customers is important to build your business. With online and offline expertise, we provide up to date training and support to help your business grow.

Graphic Design

Images are important in today's online world - both for your website and social media. We'll help you achieve the look you want with graphic design ideas, advice and training.


Social Media

Your customers are on social media. We'll keep on top of the latest tools, tips and changes in social media for you so you can find help and guidance on what's new all in one place.

Problem Solvers

There's loads of advice all over the internet on what to do to build your business. We'll help you with the how-to do it...which is often the missing piece of the jigsaw.

Sammy Teather

Sammy Teather

Graphic Designer, Marketer and Teacher

I’m a fully qualified graphic designer and marketer and have the badges to prove it (BA Hons, ACIM DipM, QTS, HND)! I started working as a graphic designer in London, then worked as a Marketing Manager for a food company before I took a career break when my daughter was very young.  I went into teaching Art, Design & Technology while she was growing up to fit around the school days and holidays.

Since starting my own graphic design business, I’ve found that many start-up and small companies are struggling to afford to use a qualified graphic designer.  However, they do have great ideas of their own but lack the “how to do it” knowledge. The idea for ‘Be Your Own Graphic Designer‘ was born using free scalable vector graphic software.

Working together Kim and I have learnt the hard way and now want to help you by providing up-to-the-minute online training and advice on exactly how to build your business online which is why we’ve now launched Teather & Morrison Online.

Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison

Digital Marketer, Social Media Expert and Trainer

I’ve been in Marketing almost all my career and it’s let me travel all over the world and even live in New York for five years working for a major consumer brand – very “Sex in the City”!  I’ve also done what might be seen as the less glamorous bit and worked in B2B service businesses, but I found those equally exciting and fun.

What every business I’ve worked with has taught me is that marketing is the lifeblood of a business. Making sure that you have a steady stream of customers, who love your products and you provide excellent value and service to, is for me what marketing is all about.

Like Sammy, when I started my own business, I found that there was loads of advice out there telling you what to do but little helping you with “how to” actually do it. This is exactly why Sammy and I started working together on ‘Be Your Own Graphic Designer‘ and now with Teather & Morrison Online – so we can help you with the “how”.



The Marketing Cat

I’m Mewsli and I am a vital part of the team – even if I say so myself!

I watch everything and really notice all the little things that need a critical eye.

You’ll find me popping up regularly with my thoughts on social media, adding my observations, pointing out areas that need special attention and reminding you to do basic things that can be easily overlooked but will help you save time in the long run.

All I ask for is a bowl of kitty crunchies and the occasional tummy tickle!

You’d be lost without me!



Entrepreneurial Enthusiast

 I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!

I’ve only just realised that all this wonderful design and marketing stuff is available and I want to get involved RIGHT NOW!!!

I want to do EVERYTHING…

What’s the latest thing…?

How do I do it…?

Can you show me NOW…?

How will this help me…?

How can I measure the results…?

When can I get started…?

Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.

Working on our own business and with other small to medium size businesses has led to us to develop new practical online training courses and advice to help you deal with the challenges of building your business online.

  • Marketing 90%
  • Graphic Design 98%
  • Social Media Marketing 85%
  • Online Training 90%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

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