It's Christmas - Why You Need to plan your Marketing now

It’s Christmas! How to plan your Christmas marketing campaign!

Mewsli in Christmas StockingWell, it’s not quite that time but if you haven’t yet started to plan your Christmas marketing campaign you really need to get going. Mewsli, our Marketing Cat, has been very busy already.

Christmas is a time for giving, and it is also a wonderful opportunity to show your customers how much you value their business. You don’t want to end up buying cheap, cutting prices or offering deals as you’ll just attract one-off customers who will move on to your competitors before you can say “Ho Ho Ho!”

Following are twelve tried and tested ideas that will help your immediate sales, build loyalty and engender trust. Think “12 Days of Christmas” but earlier as you need to start implementing now!


1. Decide what you want to achieve

It’s really important to know what you want to achieve by the end of the season. You should also think about how you will measure the success of your campaign before, during and afterwards. By setting up a simple measurement system, you can actually see what is working and either do more of it or do something else!


2. What’s Your Christmas Story?

Even in this cynical age, we still get a huge emotional hug from seeing lovely stories played out for us, for example, by John Lewis’s Little Boy and his Penguin waiting for the big day last year? So what is going to be your theme this year? It doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive, but it does need to chime with the season and be relevant to your business.


3. Give your customers what they really want!

At this time of year, people are shopping for others. Switch your marketing tactics to be as helpful as possible to help them make the right decision. Tell your customer that your ‘wots-a-ma-flip’ is an ideal present for granny, and why.  Let them know that you have gifts for ‘the man who has everything’, offer teenager-centric bundles. Make it really easy for them to choose you to solve their gift buying problems!


4. Don’t offer deals – offer gift vouchers!

Customers view gift vouchers as money, and research shows that customers who redeem a voucher tend to spend around 20% more than its face value. For example, offer a £5 voucher for every £50 spent with you in a single transaction!


5. Collecting for Christmas!

Give your customers a loyalty card with ten place markers for stickers to go. Make sure they understand that once they have collected ten stickers, they win a prize! Let them know what that prize is. The trick is to have already put stickers on the first two spaces. This really works because people love patterns and subconsciously want to complete sequences.


6. Promote early and often

People start to shop earlier every year so don’t be afraid to start building your campaign early to catch them. Leaving your Christmas campaign launch until December is far too late (we think just after Halloween is about right).


7. Don’t forget Black Friday. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year

Black Friday has become huge in the USA and the UK is now following this trend. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the first shopping day after Thanksgiving and companies in the USA compete with each other to offer the best deals. This year it falls on Friday 27th November.


8. Offer ‘Wish Lists’

Why not compile some ‘wish lists’ for all of the various people that your customers need to buy for, highlighting your products as gift ideas and saying why they would be ideal choices? You could do a list for Mums, Dads, Grans, Grandads, Aunties, Teachers, you get the idea! Send them out to your mailing list and perhaps offer a bonus, such as free wrapping paper for orders over a certain value.


9. Hold an Event – or not…

If you are considering holding a Christmas event, do consider whether it will actually bring in more paying customers. If not, don’t do it unless you have a longer term marketing strategy in place. For example, you could hold an early fun event with the express intention of filming it to put on YouTube and social media as part of your campaign.


10. Use seasonal keywords

Think about who your target customer is, that is, the person who is doing the buying not receiving, (e.g. Grandparents of teenagers), and use the keywords they will be searching with.


11. Pester Power!

Children have a huge amount of power at Christmas time and if you can tap into this you have a huge market at your fingertips.


12. Don’t Forget Your Existing Customers

Remind them you exist and make them feel special by offering them a small ‘present’ for shopping with you in the past year, a special incentive for them to visit you again.


For more information and details on these 12 ideas, take a look at our free booklet “How to plan your Christmas Marketing Campaign!”. Follow the link or click on the image to find out more and there’s also a free gift at the end to help you with your Christmas marketing promotions.

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Learn "How to Plan Your Christmas Marketing Campaign"

How to plan Your Christmas Marketing Campaign

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